I am very sad to inform that Mirek Rozbicki SP5IXI (VK6DXI, 7X0DX, 9M8DX, Z21DXI etc.)  passed on April 14 from a heart attack. He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends. It happened so suddenly and shocked all of us. …

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Today 2014.08.13 happened to be an open house at the local Ham Radio shop: One Communications. I was taken there my Azraie, work colleague, who recently got a licence as  9W2EFY.  We were able to meet up with the owner …

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I am in West Malaysia, from 8th till 26th of August 2014, mainly in Kuala Lumpur. If time will permit I will try to get on the air, mainly CW.  I am scheduled now for visit to Tioman Island, AS-046 …

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 I am in Zimbabwe since 14th of July and should remain till 3rd of August. I have a radio with me and operate in my spare time. Conditions at the moment are terrible. I am lucky to hear some stations sometimes. …

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QRV from SP5


While visiting relatives in Poland, traditionally I have an eyeball QSO with many members of SP5KMB. A club where my ham radio adventure started. So it happened this year as well on 2014.01.17.


QRV from SM5


January 2014- a short trip to Sweden.  It is a business trip but I managed to squeeze some radio activity (2m and 80m) as well as an eyeball QSO with old mates: Jan SM5FUG and Lennart SM5ENX and made a …


VK6 VKCC Christmas get together


Traditionally, VK6 VKCC (VK Contest Club)got together  few days ago (2013.12.12), just before Xmas to celebrate a great year and to reflect on past and the future.  It was a nice evening with a great company.


CQWW CW 2013- summary


It has been a few great days in Kuching!!! I managed to catch up with few of my friends: 9M8MA, 9W8CH, 9W8KIF, 9M8WAT and met for a first time with 9M8ADX. Great stories, great food and some great QSO’s. With the …


9M8DX in CQWW CW 2013


It is 9M2 West Malaysia this week….. and it is a big contest weekend. A great opportunity to be active from a great location. I will be arriving in Kuching on 22 Nov for a CW weekend of fun. Catch …


Z21DXI QRT now


I am out of Zimbabwe now. There should be a chance for another visit in the first part of 2014. For QSL, please follow instructions in previous message. Thanks for many contacts.73