9M8DX/2, TF/SP5IXI (August and September)

In August I was active as TF/SP5IXI for a few weeks. I had some very nice meetings there. Not too much time for HAM radio but I was trying to do my best to be on the bands.

One of the highlights was visiting Thor TF4M and operating from his great QTH as TF4X.  I did not try the Arctic King but I hope to do it one day 🙂

Second part of August I was active from Kuala Lumpur as 9M8DX/2. Big neon lights have been installed near my usual QTH since my last visit so the QRM level increased dramatically.

On September 10 I landed in Reykjavik again and I am going to be active as TF/SP5IXI for two or three weeks. On Thursdays I am going to visit the usual meetings at TF3IRA and perhaps I will be able to operate from the TF3IRA club station.

In Malaysia as wel as in Iceland I am on business trips so my HAM radio activity is limited and is possible only in my free time (usually late evenings and weekends).

QSL for 9M8DX and TF/SP5IXI via SP5UAF (bureau, direct, email request).

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