Operation as Z21DXI

1_DSC05191     As from 14th of October, I am in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. I have my licence valid and operate as Z21DXI. My favorite hotel maintenance manager has passed away in March this year.  Mr Pilot was instrumental during my past visits and he helped a lot with antennas work. RIP Mr Pilot.

A new manager is very friendly as well. So no issues with antennas. Unfortunately a noise level, specially on low bands is really impossible to beat. So I am sorry but there will be a very limited (if any) operation on Low Bands. I just hope that this new QRN at this location will not make it impossible to run pile ups.


Accommodation possibilities are limited…. so I do not really have much choice. As always, please QSL via SP5UAF. He will be happy to help 🙂

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