My HAM Radio story

My adventure with Ham Radio started as a little boy, when a small booklet called “Amateur Radio” got into my hands. I  read it from cover to cover and got very excited about it. Unfortunately, in my small town, Wegrow, there was no active ham at the time.  I have never forgotten about the subject, though nothing happened till some years later. In 1972 my family moved to larger town, Pruszkow, next to Warsaw.

One day in 1974, in my High School appeared a notice, that there will  be a meeting and enlisting for Amateur Radio Licence course, arranged by local radio club, SP5KMB.

I enrolled and ….at the end of the course it was only me, and Wanda SP5IWA, who finished it, pass the exams and got the licence. I was only 17 then.

It took another year, before paper work was sorted out, and that I actually got my licence. I spent that year operating at the radio club station, SP5KMB, mainly on CW, exploring different aspects of ham radio, including High Speed CW, contesting, dx-ing etc. and even competing in the High Speed Telegraphy Competitions and “Wieloboj  Lacznosci”- Paramilitary Penthatlon.

It was during the school summer holidays of 1975, when I finally got a licence and a call: SP5IXI.

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