Z21DXI Log Search/OQRS (ClubLog)

For some years we had our own online log but since the first Z21DXI activity in 2010 many new great HAM tools were developed. So after some emails it was decided to upload all Z21DXI QSOs to the ClubLog. Thanks …

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Operation as Z21DXI


     As from 14th of October, I am in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. I have my licence valid and operate as Z21DXI. My favorite hotel maintenance manager has passed away in March this year.  Mr Pilot was instrumental during my past …

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I have been very busy recently and had only hours to spare fro OCDXC CW. I have issues with some of the antennas after recent storm. I did not manage to fix it so I was limited in the bands …

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OCDXC Phone from TF3W

I did attempt to make few QSO’s Saturday night and Sunday morning. Unfortunately wrong timing did not bring desired result. I have finished with Zero QSO’s in the log….hmmm… I need to do better next time.  

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SAC CW 2013.09.21-22 from TF3W


Gudmi, TF3SG invited me to participate in the Scandinavian Activity Contest from the shack of TF3IRA club station. I was not able to put a full time effort during this contest. Due to other commitments I only managed to get …

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9M8DX/2, TF/SP5IXI (August and September)

In August I was active as TF/SP5IXI for a few weeks. I had some very nice meetings there. Not too much time for HAM radio but I was trying to do my best to be on the bands. One of …

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