Z21DXI Log Search/OQRS (ClubLog)

For some years we had our own online log but since the first Z21DXI activity in 2010 many new great HAM tools were developed. So after some emails it was decided to upload all Z21DXI QSOs to the ClubLog. Thanks to G7VJR for all ClubLog fantastic tools and features.

Z21DXI log is now available at ClubLog together with the OQRS tool (for bureau or direct cards). Log will be updated every few days.

Operation as Z21DXI

1_DSC05191     As from 14th of October, I am in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. I have my licence valid and operate as Z21DXI. My favorite hotel maintenance manager has passed away in March this year.  Mr Pilot was instrumental during my past visits and he helped a lot with antennas work. RIP Mr Pilot.

A new manager is very friendly as well. So no issues with antennas. Unfortunately a noise level, specially on low bands is really impossible to beat. So I am sorry but there will be a very limited (if any) operation on Low Bands. I just hope that this new QRN at this location will not make it impossible to run pile ups.


Accommodation possibilities are limited…. so I do not really have much choice. As always, please QSL via SP5UAF. He will be happy to help 🙂

SAC CW 2013.09.21-22 from TF3W

Gudmi, TF3SG invited me to participate in the Scandinavian Activity Contest from the shack of TF3IRA club station. I was not able to put a full time effort during this contest. Due to other TF3SG and VK6DXIcommitments I only managed to get to the s1_DSC04630hack just before 8pm on Saturday. Gudmi TF3SG was at that time getting station ready. He gave me a speedy training in the contest software set up  and off I went, starting on 20m . I had a nice pile up going, mainly NA, for some 4 hours. Gudmi finished the test with more QSO’s and we closed the station in early hours on Sunday. I had a very busy week so I was exhausted at that time. ….I wish I could do this contest full time…. Final score: TF3W, Multi-One, All Bands, High- 37,135 points.

9M8DX/2, TF/SP5IXI (August and September)

In August I was active as TF/SP5IXI for a few weeks. I had some very nice meetings there. Not too much time for HAM radio but I was trying to do my best to be on the bands.

One of the highlights was visiting Thor TF4M and operating from his great QTH as TF4X.  I did not try the Arctic King but I hope to do it one day 🙂

Second part of August I was active from Kuala Lumpur as 9M8DX/2. Big neon lights have been installed near my usual QTH since my last visit so the QRM level increased dramatically.

On September 10 I landed in Reykjavik again and I am going to be active as TF/SP5IXI for two or three weeks. On Thursdays I am going to visit the usual meetings at TF3IRA and perhaps I will be able to operate from the TF3IRA club station.

In Malaysia as wel as in Iceland I am on business trips so my HAM radio activity is limited and is possible only in my free time (usually late evenings and weekends).

QSL for 9M8DX and TF/SP5IXI via SP5UAF (bureau, direct, email request).